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In 2017, I faced a difficult decision. It was January, and as I sat down to read the monthly reports with my business partner, I realized something awful. It was like a punch to the gut. The insurance companies had just implemented their beginning of the year cuts to my independent pharmacy’s bottom line.

Insurance cuts had become about as common as the arrival of the seasons. It wasn’t if they were going to happen, it was how much.

Well, it finally reached the point where continuing was no longer sustainable in our current form. In layman’s terms, we had been cut to the bone. If something didn’t change right away we were going to have to close our doors in another two weeks…tops.

I didn’t want to see my technicians lose their jobs and I also didn’t want to see good people who were our customers have to go somewhere else where they wouldn’t be treated the same way we did. They truly are like family.

I told my partner I was willing to walk.

I ended up leaving and getting a job I enjoyed. I was challenged and fulfilled but something was nagging at me.

I felt like I had unfinished business in the independent pharmacy world.

I had allowed the insurance companies to win. Yeah, I know they have no idea who I am nor do they care. They are huge companies and it is easy to become just another number to them. I realize terms like Don Quixote are not far off the mark.

But that wasn’t the point to me. I had let them dictate to me how the game was going to be played.

The germ of an idea hit me one evening after work while talking to my wife.

I asked her, what if I opened a pharmacy that didn’t take insurance?

What if I could offer generic prescriptions for a reasonable price. Instead of being told they had not yet met their deductible, patients could come to me and have everything mailed to them for a fraction of the cost…without even needing their insurance.

As I explained it to her I could see the skepticism melt into excitement.

Yes, absolutely!

I called a business advisor who is also a mentor to me and I explained my idea. He is someone I know who is going to give me the honest, unvarnished truth even if it hurts.

I was a little nervous after I explained my thoughts to him. He hesitated for a second and then his words to me were: ‘As soon as we hang up this phone you need to start working on this.’

That was all I needed to hear!

What started out as a crazy idea began to take shape rapidly last year (2018). One simple question started it all:

What if an independent pharmacy didn’t take insurance?

By breaking the vice grip of draconian insurance companies and PBM’s it would be possible for that pharmacy to offer their medications to patients for reasonable prices in greater than 30 day (up to one year) increments for set, low prices.

What if it would be possible for that pharmacy to mail everything out saving the customer an inconvenient trip? Let’s face it, sometimes patients on chronic medications don’t feel great and it is difficult to get around.

These questions lead to the formation of Empire Health Pharmacy. A pharmacy designed to cut out the middleman. One that believes it is possible for the relationship to be between just the doctor, patient and pharmacy. No need for anyone else to be involved.

We believe we can save you money and time, freeing you up for more important things, like your family.

It is my solemn oath to you that I will do everything in my power to ensure you are a happy customer. I will never take your trust in our pharmacy for granted.

Andrew Keenan, Owner